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Shephaven Kennels Scrapbook

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Shephaven Brock
Zen doing what she loves ... digging.
Holly the cat baby sitting the puppies
holly the cat getting the better of Xamba while playing
Ursa was my first Shepherd and it was here that I really came to love the breed. Losing her was hard but I learnt so much from her, she is never far from my heart.
Logan and his mate Kimba - Best friends
Xamba looking after her soft toys
all enjoying the sun on a lazy Saturday morning
Xamba having quiet time with her friends
On the run with the cat bed
Brock chasing his stick into the sea at the beach. Doing what he loves, playing at the beach
Best friends Ruby and Zen. Zen Who is loved and owned by Adele and Family. Zen loves to please and is a great friend to the kids.
Zen and her friend having a wee rest after a long play.
Can I share your biscuit? Kyle and his friend Ceta. Ceta sure looks part of the family, thanks for the photo's and updates Tash.
Rex having a rest after a mornings play with his dog friend Sheba.
Codi and his friend charlie having time out while playing.
Codi watching what his Mum's doing, her little shadow.
Ned at his new home with Connor who is doing a lovely job with him
Lyra at the river bank new years eve 2010
Lyra February 2011
Lyra after a bike ride and swim in the muddy river
Brock swimming with his ball
Orka 9 Weeks
Lyra enjoy a swim with Flynn the horse and Stephanie
Orka and Lyra enjoying the sun