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Scent Work Article

A feature article on Scent Work was presented in the December issue of American Kennel Association Magazine.
This can be read by clicking here.

Recommended Oils

To maintain consistency of approved Essential oils used for Dogs NZ Scent Work Trials, it is highly recommended that purchases of these oils be sought from Dogs NZ approved sources.

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Recommended Enzymic Cleaners

These types of cleaners MUST be used to clean any Search Area that is fouled or contaminated.
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As per the Dogs NZ Scent Work Regulations, Novice Container Scent Work Trials will use 5-litre containers (complete with lids). These can be purchased directly at Bunnings warehouses or online by clicking here.


Scent Work Course

For any who are interested in undertaking a highly informative online course regarding Scent Work; a highly recommended course set up by one of our own Dogs NZ Scent Work Committee members can be accessed by clicking here.

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