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Stormbay Kennels Scrapbook

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Rogue (Chesepi Taholah at Stormbay (Imp-UK)QC).
Hunting pheasants with Muddy and Hoppy.
Some of the team, from left to right, Muddy, Ship, Hoppy, Breeze, Bosun and Dylan
Muddy pups - 6 weeks old - almost all of them caught on film
Muddy pup 6 weeks old
Muddy pup 7 weeks
Wave pup 6 weeks old
Wave pups 6 weeks old
Penrose Grasshopper at Stormbay (Imp-UK) "Hoppy" with parrie
Chesepi Taholah at Stormbay (Imp-UK)QC "Rogue" with parrie
Penrose Open Fire at Stormbay (Imp-UK) "Dylan" with parrie on maize stubble
Chesepi Taholah at Stormbay (Imp-UK) QC with black swan
CH Stormbay Boatswains Buoy "Bosun" with parrie in swamp
CH Stormbay Boatswains Buoy "Bosun" with duck
CH Penrose Mucky Duck at Stormbay (Imp-UK) "Muddy" with black swan
CH Penrose Mucky Duck at Stormbay (Imp-UK) "Muddy" with parrie
Stormbay Amidships "Ship" with black swan
Stormbay Amidships "Ship" after a successful upland hunt
Chessie Express. Off to a gundog trial with the team on board.
Bosun (CH Stormbay Boatswain's Buoy) with a Paradise Shelduck
Bosun with a mallard duck
Bosun with a black swan
Drift (Stormbay Following Sea) starting the hunting season.
Left to right is Ship, Foehn, Hoppy and Bosun after a swan hunt.
Dylan (Penrose Open Fire at Stormbay (Imp-UK))
Foehn (Stormbay Fair Winds) at the start of the hunting season.
Ship brings back a Paradise Shelduck across wind swept grass.
Ship with a pheasant
Wave (Arnac Bay Sway at Stormbay (Imp-UK)QC) in the foreground with Storm (Stormbraka of Shandanah).
Ship (left) and Bosun outside the maimai waiting for ducks.
Drift and Fathom ready to learn their next hunting lesson.
Fathom (Stormbay Full Fathom Five) bringing back a Pukeko.
Foehn with a Paradise Shelduck