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Wyndova Kennels Scrapbook

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Monsimbee Brasko ("Croc")imp.Aust. A very powerful male from Zasko vom Prielberg.SchH3(Belg)/Quote von Walshagen.SchH1(Germ). Photo taken at 49 months old.
Apache van de Vijf Molens and Sandra Soeters. Great attention and ready to work.
Apache showing his fast retrieve.
All finished ... now for some bonding time !
Apache .. showing good strength in the 'Bark and Hold' exercise.
Wyndova Flint ("Sid") .. a very handsome dark gold sable male from the Sharka/Yakita 'F' litter.
"Diesel" .. hey, that was me back in Oct.2002 when I was planning my future. Yep, I made it .. filled that cap well too !!
Wyndova Nerissa.. certified Urban Search and Rescue(USAR) bitch and otherwise much loved family pet.
Ben and Scott, Ventura County action team.
Raennik Dartangion,imp Aust ("Digger") at 27 months old. Bred 2:2 on Fax v. Grenzganger. SchH3(Performance+)imp.Germ. and 3:3 on Stormfront's Brawnson,SchH3,IPO3,FH,DPO2,WPO,PSD. USA Police Trials Champion 1999.. Bred by Leigh Robertson, Australia. 'DDR/Czech bloodlines'
Wolfheim Ischka ("Missy") a powerful and very good producing bitch bred from the second breeding of Raennik Dartangion to Wyndova Yakita. Missy has a naturally serious protection instinct.
Wyndova Yoko.SchH1,IPO1 and Theresa Friis, her owner/trainer. Yoko, a very lively and energetic young bitch, is involved in the sport of Schutzhund.
Wyndova Wrangler.PSD._ This photo was taken at his Police Graduation. "Kai" is a litter brother of "Rocco" and "Biddy" and is related to many of the others.
Wyndova Gringo __ An extremely confident dog with balanced drives. He is very agile, always alert, always ready to get involved.
"Zouk" at 32 months old, from "Digger"(Raennik Dartangion) x "Keisha"(Wyndova Yakita) combo. A very athletic dog with a great scenting ability which he uses well in his LandSAR activities. Owner/Trainer: Anne-Marie of Wanganui.
Wyndova Quake. TT1.("Ice") At just 2 years old and showing his inherited ability to perform. Bred from the Gringo/Wanda 'Q' litter. His O/T is Lori Amlehn of Canterbury, NZ.
Wyndova Sharka.BH. __ A very willing and open dog who enjoyed life and was always keen to be involved in whatever was happening .................. *** "Sharka, my loyal and trusted mate, your spirit is finally free to race the wild wind." ***
Monsimbee Godiva("Diva")imp Aust. .. a very energetic, high drive young female. Mother: Quote von Walshagen.SchH1 (Germany).. Sire: Alpinebase Vick(PD Sert) lineage of Australian working Service dogs.
Wyndova Yakita ("Keisha") Excellent colour; superb character and super prey drive. She is one of the three 'Y' litter bitches.
Oooops, in the wrong section but I reckon I'm as good as those BIG boys... I'm "Ruby" and 22 months old. - Bushlands Red Ruby - if you wish to check on my ACD credentials !!
Wyndova Werocco("Rocco")_a tough boy when required but also a loyal mate to Kirk Fraser, Lower Hutt.
Wyndova Orrex.("Orrie") A large and energetic but also laid back dog. He is proving to be a very good stud dog. Sire: Nordenstamm Chiller (Aust) Dam: Taipan Pepper.
Taipan Pepper. _A strong grey sable bitch with an excellent character. Her pedigree is full of well known European workingline stock.