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Central Asian Shepherd Dog

General Information - Central Asian Shepherd Dog



8-10 years


very low

very low

Watchdog ability:
very high

Protection ability:
very high

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:
ancient times

Other Names:
Central Asian Ovcharka, Alabai

Original Function:
herding, guarding


The Central Asian Ovcharka, known in the USA as the Central Asian Shepherd, and formally known as Middle Asian Ovtcharka, was developed along the vast areas from Siberia to the Central Asian Republics of the Former USSR. They are a mastiff-type dog that developed through the process of natural selection. This breed is over 4,000 years old and was originally used as a powerful and agile flock guardian following its nomadic tribesmen masters. It showed its usefulness when man needed a dog with natural instincts to protect against such predators as bear, tiger, hyena, wolf, and the 2-legged kind of marauders. They make excellent guardians of home, family, flock and estates.


The Central Asian Sheepdog is an independent and fearless dog and will show a natural distrust of strangers and be dog dominant. Nocturnal barking and landscape digging are not unusual. This breed is not suited for doggie parks, or for first-time dog owners, since it is very dominant and not highly trainable. It is good with children and other pets only if well socialised at a young age.


The Central Asian Sheepdog needs daily mental and physical exertion. It likes to run, but its exercise needs can also be met with a good jog or a long walk on leash. It can live in all climates. The Central Asian Sheepdog requires a large yard, the larger the better, with a fence. They have a job to do (guarding). Small living conditions can lead to boredom and thus digging and chewing will be a problem. Even with lots of exercise these dogs like to be outdoors watching over their territory. They must have a securely fenced yard or they will expand their territory as far as they can. Its coat needs only occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

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