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Collie (Smooth)

General Information - Collie (Smooth)



8-12 years


very low


Watchdog ability:
very high

Protection ability:

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:

Other Names:
Scottish Collie

Original Function:
sheep herding


The Smooth can be traced to the Celts who had a dog called a "collie" which translated into English meant a "useful dog". The short haired aggressive herding dog of the invading Romans was bred to the Celtic Collie and later interbred with the North African gentler herding dog to give the foundation ancestry of today's Smooth Collie. In the middle ages, the Smooths tails was docked which signified it was exempt of taxes due to it being a "tool of trade". Queen Victoria was a great admirer of the Smooth Collie and bred them in her kennels at Balmoral. During this period, the Rough (Lassie) Collie was interbred with the Smooth Collie for commercial and show purposes: a practice continued in several countries today, but not permitted by the NZKC. In 1778 and 1840 Smooths were imported for the Australian Cattle Dog. In 1975 two Smooths were reintroduced into Australia and in 1980 two descendants from these two were imported into New Zealand. Since then there have been several more both Australian and English dogs imported. Today in New Zealand the breed is in the hands of a few dedicated Smooth Collie enthusiasts, but remains a very minor breed.


The Collie is a very intelligent, friendly dog breed, who makes an excellent children's companion and gets along well with other household dogs. Suspicious of strangers, the Collie makes a good watchdog.


A good walk or jog on leash or a fun play session is needed every day. Herding is an excellent exercise. The collie can live outdoors in temperate to cool climates, but it is such a family-oriented dog that it is far happier indoors. The coat of the smooth variety needs minimal care.

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