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Italian Greyhound

General Information - Italian Greyhound



12-15 years


very little


Watchdog ability:

Protection ability:
very low

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:
ancient times

Other Names:
Piccolo Levrieve Italiani

Original Function:


The Italian Greyhound is a very old Greyhound. Interestingly, a dog similar to the Italian Greyhound of today was found in a 6000 year old Egyptian tomb. Like the Greyhound, this breed was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians. The breed was later developed by the Romans. As evidence, a small Greyhound was found in an ancient lava flow in Pompeii. During the sixteenth century, this delicate dog became popular with European nobility, and is portrayed in many paintings of that time. They rose to great heights of popularity in the Italian renaissance and gained their name then.


The Italian Greyhound is a devoted and affectionate dog breed who makes a good companion. Headstrong and stubborn, the Italian Greyhound requires a consistent and firm leader. It loves to run and chase. It is extremely gentle and sensitive. Reserved, often timid, with strangers, it is devoted to its family and is good with children, and other dogs and pets. However, it can be easily injured by boisterous children and larger dogs. While Italian Greyhounds like to please, bad habits have to be discouraged right from the beginning.


The Italian Greyhound likes a daily romp outdoors, but it hates the cold. Its exercise needs are best met with a good walk on leash or even a rollicking game indoors. It also likes to stretch out and sprint in a fenced area. This breed cannot live outdoors, unless the kenneling is well insulated and the run covered and is situated in a sunny sheltered area. . Care of the fine short hair is minimal, consisting only of occasional brushing to remove dead hair. Regular brushing of the teeth is important in this breed.

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