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General Information - Pumi



12-14 years




Watchdog Ability:
Very high

Protection Ability:
Very high

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:
17th and 18th centuries

Other Names:
Hungarian Pumi

Original Function:
Cattle and sheep herding


The Pumi, developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, was bred from prick-ear sheepdogs imported from France and Germany and crossed with the Puli. For many years, the Pumi and the Puli were not considered separate breeds. It was not until around 1920 that the Pumi was officially recognised as a breed separate from the Puli and the standard was written for the breed. The Pumi is considered the town dog in Hungary, while the Puli remains on the high plains.


High-spirited, the Pumi is an energetic dog and is remarkably daring. Suspicious of strangers, a Pumi will bark at even the most innocent sound. This is an intelligent breed that is not difficult to train. They are smart enough to grasp what you want quickly. It is affectionate with its master and when at home surrounded by familiar faces, it is a happy, cheerful fellow. Shy and rather mistrustful of strangers. A superb watchdog, the Pumi uses its voice liberally and consistently. If you are surrounded by neighbours where you live, it is sensible to teach the dog that after a couple of barks it must be quiet. A well brought up and socialized Pumi will get along with children as long as they do not pester it. This breed can be dog-aggressive and has a tendency to wander.


The coat of the Pumi is easy to groom. The braided, medium-length coat does not mat easily. An occasional combing and brushing will keep it looking nice. This breed needs a lot if exercise. They are outdoor dogs and will be at its best living on a farm where it will find enough work to do for itself, such as guarding the entrance and keeping the livestock together. They can sleep and live outdoors but also like to be near their family and master. If it is to live in an urban environment then you must find replacement activities to keep it occupied. The Pumi will enjoy playing catch, chasing Frisbees, and will excel in agility skills classes.

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