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                                                                                                            Mastiff Breeds Association is a Club that was established in early 2018 by breeders & owners who were passionate about helping our Mastiff breeds now and for there future. The committee of the club hold some of the most well respected and knowledgeable Mastiff breeds breeders in New Zealand so a huge amount of knowledge as well with their breed.

MBA represents the following Mastiff breeds ~Bullmastiff / Cane Corso ( Italian Corso Dog) / Dogue de Bordeaux / Mastiff / Neapolitan Mastiff & Tibetan Mastiff ~ so we have owners / breeders & fanciers in our Club, no you do not need to be into showing to join our club you just need to have a DogsNZ registered Mastiff breed we represent and adore the Mastiff breeds.

Our Club has fun day get togethers for our club members, and people wanting to meet our wonderful breeds & find out more about them, as well as Ribbon Parades, Open Shows and the more serious Championship Shows.

We are also very active in Mastiff breeds rescue working closely with SPCA & Animal Control officers running Council Pounds nationwide and assisting if one of our breeds sadly ends up in there hands ~ a good breeder will ALWAYS take back a dog should an owners situation change.

Along with the above we also produce a Club Magazine for members keeping them up to date with the latest Club info three times a year and have a website where members and the public can keep up with our activities.

We such a high respect for our Mastiff breeds that we are working on education helping, and advising, people with any issues or questions they may have about any of our breeds and attending Pet Expo's so the public gets to meet some of our breeds and get hands on with them, generally Bay of Plenty held in July each year.

If you would like to be part of an active club whose members are passionate about protecting there breeds future by promoting them in a positive way and supporting healthy Mastiff breeds then please feel free to contact us for a membership form or check out our website for more details.


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                                             Keep checking our website for the latest info on what the Club is up to.

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                                                                            Call or text our Club Secretary 
                                                                                     Ange ~ 0272729368

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