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Hi all, I have been competing in Agility for about 5-6 years now and have been judging since the start of this year (2007).

I belong to th Hawkes Bay Canine Obedience Club and I have had the pleasure of instructing Agility from the very begginers all the way up to instructing the senior class. I enjoy instructing very much and of course running my dogs.

I also enjoy Flygility and so do the dogs, Sometimes too much I think.

I hope to see you all in the ring in the near future...

Recent Shows Judged At

Recently i have judged at Carterton, CHB, Tauranga and Rotorua. All of which i have had a ball at. Judging all the classes there is and seeing some good results and lovely handling.

Judging History

I have been involed in the past 2 years Judging for the selection of the Historical Zone 2 Team for the NDTA. This was interesting to see the dogs competeing in this environment and to be able to see them compete at such a high level.

As mentioned above i have been judging at various clubs and have done both Ribbon Trials and Chamionship Shows.

Comming up I have shows at Napier, Horowhenua and WAG.

I love it when i see a dog and handler do their absolute best and achieve a great result and the excitement they get for that placing.

Smiles are hard to beat in my book....

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