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Mrs Karen De Wit


Senior Agility, Novice, Advanced and Excellent RallyO panel

About Me

We got our first dog Cobber in 1985 and started classes at CDTC. Soon after we started Agility in Christchurch with Canty CATS  and soon fell in love with the sport. I began judging because at the time there were no "agility" judges, the first judges being from the Obedience fraternity.

 I like to judge all levels of agility, creating courses I hope will encourage beginners as well as courses that will challenge the top handlers and their dogs
 The best things about judging are meeting new people, travelling to new Clubs, designing new courses, and watching lots of agility or RallyO from the best seat in the house! The worst thing is not getting to talk to people because you are in the ring alone for much of the day!

 My agility dogs have all enjoyed the sport, with a good deal of success: Cobber, Moss, Tana, Dee, Finn and Zinc, with a bit of Benji too! I hope to continue in the sport for many more years, it is a sport that most people and dogs can enjoy and have some success.

RallyO is a more recent passion of mine. My dogs are both at the Advanced/Excellent level and I love the challenge that RallyO gives - a variety of moves that need to be learnt by the dog as well as the handler. It is kinder on the body then agility and is a great place to start a young dog out. 

 I am now on the DogsNZ Excellent panel and am enjoying my RallyO judging.  I can judge at NZARO and DogsNZ events.

Recent Shows Judged At

I have had too many Judging appointments to remember over the years including NDTAs and the National Dog Show. I hope that in the coming years I can help aspiring Judges through a new training process.
2022 I both judged at NZDAC and fulfilled my first Advanced RallyO appointment.

Judging History

I have judged in rain and shine, but never the snow or hail (long may that continue). I am a sun-lover and dont like getting cold and wet (especially when it runs down your back!) I'd like to thank all the volunteers from all the clubs I have judged at over the years.  It's only with your help we can run events. 

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