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Temporary Permission to Show

An overseas dog may be shown at Dogs New Zealand shows prior to registration with Dogs New Zealand provided that temporary permission has been applied for and granted.  There is no form to apply for temporary permission to show.

Please email all the details as listed below to

Registration Regulation 9.5.8

9.5.8 An imported dog may be exhibited in New Zealand prior to registration provided it has been granted temporary permission to show by the New Zealand Kennel Club. Such permission to show will be granted upon provision of the following information:-
   (a)   Breed of Dog
   (b)   Sex
   (c)   Registered Name
   (d)   Registered Number
   (e)   Date of Birth
   (f)   Full name, address and New Zealand Kennel Club member number of the owner,

Or such other information as the New Zealand Kennel Club shall deem appropriate.
Any such permission so granted shall be for show purposes only and no New Zealand Kennel
Club title shall be conferred upon the dog until such time as registration is completed.

Any permission shall be for three months after which time it can only be renewed for one further period of three months. Any application for renewal must establish reasonable grounds for such renewal.

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